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Proposal revisions

A fresh pair of eyes for your proposal! Submit your proposal draft to the AlienTT professional grant writers for an independent review of your project.

The revision cycle covers the entire proposal review. Book up to three proposal review cycles to polish your draft and make it EIC Accelerator-proof!

Professional support services





Book additional professional support for flexible access to all the grant writing services you need.

Whether you are looking for grant writing services from A to Z, you need just a few hours for the final proposal’s tweaks or you need support during the Grant Management phase as a Phase 2 winner, the AlienTT professionals will support your team when you need it.

We are giving you the opportunity to choose from premium pricing where you will be supported by an expert that has a long successful track record in EIC proposal writing.

Since when it comes to certain sections of your proposal that generally are more critical in scoring this extra weight can make the difference.

On top the phase 2 winners might require that extra premium pricing support during the following tasks of grant management:

  • Amendments
  • Reports & payment requests
  • Deliverables
  • Dissemination & exploitation of results
  • Communicating your project
  • Checks, audits, reviews & investigations
  • etc

Combine premium and standard hours to design your ad hoc plan. Or just add hours to the cart when needed. Examples of service configurations include:

Recommended hoursProfessional support examples*
1A one-hour service ideal for a Q&A session as a Proposal Revision follow-up.
5Ideal for extra support with specific pending tasks and doubts clarifications when writing the Phase 2 proposal.
8Ideal for extra support with specific pending tasks and doubts clarifications.
10Suggested for who’s looking for extra professional support to set up the work: from proposal summary review to project strategy definition.
15Ideal for who’s looking for support with specific tasks like minor amendments during Phase 2 Management.
20Suggested for support Periodic reporting during Phase 2 Management.
20Ideal for who’s looking for support with specific tasks only. From proposal registration to final draft review.
60Indicated for who’s looking for support with Section Impact during Phase 2 Proposal writing. Helps you analyse the market and deliver a strong business case.
60Suggested for ad hoc support on Section Excellence. Ideal for those seeking help to start the project off on the right foot.
65 Ideal for extra support during Phase 2 Management for Continuous Reporting where following themes are covered.
  • deliverables
  • progress in achieving milestones
  • updates to the publishable summary
  • response to critical risks, publications, communications activities, IPRs
  • your answers to the questionnaire about the economic and social impact of the project.
75Indicated for tailored support with the project planning & budgeting. Ideal for who is looking for help with the Section Implementation and Annex 4 Financial and Corporate Information.
175Ideal for support with proposal writing from A to Z. Recommended for who’s looking for guidance on every aspect of the grant application, from start to final submission of your Phase 2 project.
*Please note that the Professional Support Examples are approximate and that the extent of the services provided by AlienTT depends on availability of starting documentation and client’s collaboration.

Professional support to make your proposal writing more effective

Writing a proposal from scratch is a hard task. Understanding the proposal template, crafting the right project strategy, convincing the audience that your proposal is important and worth funding, conveying the key messages in the given space-limit, requires a difficult balancing act.

Teams often feel uncertain about the quality of their proposal and seek professional advice from funding experts. Typewiser has partnered with Alien Technology Transfer to offer you a broad range of professional services designed to fit with your additional proposal needs.

About Alien Technology Transfer

Alien Technology Transfer (AlienTT) is an international advisory firm specialised in public and private fundraising. Since 2013, AlienTT has helped over 600 companies accelerate their journey to market readiness through public grants and equity investments./p>

The AlienTT team is composed of professionals with experience in emerging technologies, project financing, business analysis, and project management.

With offices in the UK, Italy, Spain, USA, Andorra, and India, AlienTT is one of the leading funding advisory firms in the Horizon 2020 EIC Accelerator and SBIR programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Professional revisions

Does the service include VAT?

If you are purchasing the service as a VAT registered payer from any European country or the USA, VAT won’t be applied to your bill, due to the Community VAT exemption in Canary Islands. (Article 6 of VAT Directive).
If you are not a registered VAT payer or a VAT payer registered in Canary Islands, then a 7% rate local consumer tax known as the IGIC (Impuesto General Indirecto de Canarias – Canaries General Indirect Tax) will be applied.

How is the data I share with the reviewer kept confidential?

The expert grant writer is bound to confidentiality obligations during and following the performance of the service. The confidentiality obligations don’t allow the expert grant writer to re-use or share data relevant to the project proposal.

Can I make changes to the proposal while it is under revision?

No, you cannot make changes to the proposal while it is under revision.

Can I combine an offline revision with a consultancy?

Yes. You can book a consultancy to discuss the comments with the expert grant writer. The expert will review your proposal offline and then follow-up with you, answering any possible doubt. The combination of offline review and face-to-face consultation services can actually be very useful to better understand the expert’s comments and effectively improve your proposal.

Can I request a consultation to review my proposal, instead of the offline revision process?

Yes. If you feel more comfortable speaking directly to the expert grant writer rather than receiving her/ his comments, you can purchase a consultancy and go over the proposal review directly with the expert grant writer.

How many revisions can I purchase?

You can purchase as many revisions as needed. In our experience, a proposal might require a 3-cycle revision to be bulletproof.

How are professional revisions performed?

Revisions are performed offline by an expert grant writer. Once you complete a proposal on Typewiser, you can purchase professional revision cycles through the Plans & Features tab. The expert grant writer will receive a notification and read-only access to the proposal. S/He reviews the proposal by providing comments. The comments will point out areas where the proposal can be adjusted and tweaked. Once finished, you receive by email the notification that the review is completed.


What is the difference between standard and premium pricing?

Typewiser is offering you the choice to make your proposal stand out of the crowd even further. By purchasing standard consulting hours, you will gain the help and guidance of a Junior Consultant to take your proposal to the next level. By purchasing premium consulting hours, you instead will gain the expertise of a Senior Consultant, whose extensive proposal writing and consulting experience will help strengthen your proposal.

What kind of tasks the expert grant writer can perform for me?

Any task related to the proposal preparation and management. It can be writing sections, writing an entire proposal, reviewing the proposal, providing general online consultation, uploading on the participant portal the project documentation, performing market researches and patent searches, reviewing the project’s deliverables and periodic reports, and other tasks related to the continuous project management.

How the time spent by the professional writer on offline activities is calculated?

The time spent by the professional writer on the Typewiser platform for reading and writing tasks is automatically calculated by the Typewiser logging system. A detailed report is sent to you at the end of the session. The time spent is deducted from the cumulative set of hours purchased. The time spent by the professional grant writer outside the Typewiser platform, for example, to read a technical document related to the assigned task, is calculated using a reading-time algorithm. Indicatively, a standard page contains 500 words. If it is technical or scientific material, an expert will need around 3,5 minutes to read and comprehend it.

How do you measure the time spent on the consultation?

The expert measures and records the time spent on online consultations and related offline activities. A detailed report is sent to you after every online call and following the completion of the offline tasks assigned to the expert grant writer.

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