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History of Typewiser

Established on the 20 year experience and expertise in proposal writing and project management of European and US projects on one hand, and software development on the other, our primary focus is the creation of a software tool to ease the proposal writing process of publicly funded projects, starting with the EIC Accelerator (SME Instrument) funding scheme under the European Programme Horizon 2020, and gradually extending to other national and international funding schemes.

Our mission is to simplify the process of application to public funding for both non-experts and experts, overcoming the big pain of strict editorial rules imposed by public bodies, through an efficient, laser-focused, complete and cost-effective proposal writing software solution. We are proud to say that we count among our clients one of the most innovative small and medium enterprises that are currently existing.

The Problem

Coming up with an innovative idea and going through the initial testing phase is an incredibly creative process, natural to the true entrepreneur. But drafting a proposal describing this groundbreaking technology and its business model according to rigid editorial rules is another story. Spending hours on wearisome aspects of the application, understanding if, where and how to include certain information, absorbs valuable time.

With the busy schedules we manage, proposal writing can often become a frustrating, last-minute process just days before the deadline. Knuckling down to the task on hand, toilet breaks are bypassed and don’t even mention taking time for lunch and dinner. More time and efficiency are the illusive dream to getting the job done. To top it all, it’s only when you complete the proposal that you realise your hard work exceeds the page limits imposed by the grant rules. Time to begin the grueling edit of the proposal though every word now seems fundamental for comprehending it. In the end, you removed half the proposal from your file, pictures, diagrams and tables disappearing in the wind. Yet finally we can begin that fight with Word to give the project the deserved graphic layout, except…aagh! 5 minutes to deadline.

The Solution

We are changing how proposals to access public funding are written. Our vision is to automate the standard aspects of the process, providing straightforward guidelines designed by grant experts and official evaluators, to write a clear and catchy document, while maintaining the creativity and strategy of the innovator. In this way, following the given instructions step by step, and getting inspired by the valuable examples, chances of success increase. Through a guided, time saving, safe, affordable, augmented, pain-reducing, user friendly and affordable software tool, we strive to make proposal writing more rewarding and profitable. Don’t let your writing hold you back, stay focused on the content, we think about the rest.

The Technology

With industry-leading expertise in software development and AI, we are the first commercial software tool that is “laser focused” on the Horizon 2020’s EIC Accelerator (SME Instrument) and the SBIR funding scheme in America. With continuous cutting-edge updates, we deliver a software tool with personalised support at fair prices. Although Typewiser’s initial focus is on the SME Instrument and SBIR funding scheme, other public funding schemes are coming soon. Indeed, with dedication to persistent growth, our team is constantly working on novelties and updates, making the tool more comprehensive, flexible and focused on specific funding schemes.

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