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General questions

Is Typewiser Free?

Yes, Typewiser is 100% free.

How do Instructions, Tips and Examples help me?

Instructions are provided for each section helping the applicant to understand what needs to be included in a particular section. Tips and Examples provide examples on how to fill the particular section and what information has to be provided.

What type of support is included with the Service?

Typewiser embeds a live chat tool. Reaching the chat support is just a click away. You can also drop us an email at any time and our support team will respond to you promptly. We have a dedicated page directly on the Typewiser Dashboard where we’ve outlined all Q and A’s to make sure all your queries are answered and you can complete your proposal with ease.

Do I need to download and install software on my computer?

No, Typewiser is a web-based application. You can edit documents online from wherever you are.

What browsers are supported?

You can use Typewiser with Google Chrome (recommended), Firefox, Safari. Microsoft Explorer is not supported.

Signing Up

What are Typewiser policies regarding our data and data portability?

Typewiser is a tool that helps you write grant proposals. You will entrust Typewiser with your company details as you are working on your proposal and we do everything to maintain that trust. This is the reason why we take data security seriously and give it the highest priority. Some of the security measures we take to protect our customer’s data are:

  • Any user before they sign-up to Typewiser has to verify their email address. In order to prevent a bot creating fake IDs, we have implemented captcha in our sign-up page. If the user tries to log into the same account from different browsers at the same time, they will receive a warning email.Users can see who else is working on the proposal, including them. Even collaborators must verify their email address. We provide users with five different access rights to choose from. For ex: A collaborator with editor right can edit the proposal whereas a collaborator with the viewer will only get the read-only access. You will have access to all proposals of the collaborators until they are deleted after the cutoff or until their account is deactivated. Users can choose to deactivate their account at any point in time.
  • Steps taken by Typewiser regarding data portability: You can export your proposal to word or PDF at any given point of time.

How do I cancel?

Typewiser is flexible. There are no pesky contracts and no commitments. You can easily unsubscribe in one click from the dashboard. There are no cancellation fees and you can start or stop your account anytime.

What are the conditions I have to accept other than terms and conditions during sign-up?

Two conditions:

  • The condition to receive system notification emails, which provides the notifications about the proposal, collaborations, payments related to the account
  • The condition to receive promotional and marketing emails providing information about the funding programmes, cut-off dates, Typewiser’s new plans and features (user can choose to agree or not).

Collaboration and access rights

What rights do I have as a user?

Typewiser has five types of users:

  1. Owner
  2. Administrator
  3. Editor
  4. Reviewer
  5. Viewer

When you register to Typewiser, you are the account Owner. The Owner is the “superuser”and has access to all features. As an Owner, you can purchase professional services, modify account details and assign rights to collaborators. The owner is the only one who can assign an Administrator.

Who can invite collaborators to work on the proposal?

The Owner and Administrator can invite Editors, Reviewers or Viewers by sending an email to them from the dashboard menu.

What rights do I have as Administrator?

If you are invited by the Owner to collaborate as an Administrator, you have the right to create proposals and invite other collaborators assigning them access rights as Editor, Reviewer or Viewer. You have full access to all the documents, without any possibility to delete finalised proposals. With the administrator role, you cannot modify account details or invite other Administrators.

How many administrators can I assign?

As Owner you can assign as many Administrators as according to the maximum number of collaborators you can have in your plan

What rights do I have as a proposal Editor?

Whether you are part of the team or an external advisor, you can be invited by the Owner or by an Administrator to work on a proposal as an Editor. You can edit the document or leave comments in the proposal. As an Editor, you do not have access to the other proposals, unless you receive an invite.

What rights do I have as a proposal Reviewer?

Whether you are part of the team or an external advisor, you can be invited by the Owner or by an Administrator to work on a proposal as a Reviewer. This function allows you to leave comments alongside the text without any possibility to modify the proposal. As a Reviewer, you do not have access to the other proposals, unless you receive an invite.

What rights do I have as a proposal Viewer?

If you receive an invite as Viewer by the Owner or by an Administrator, you can read the document without the possibility to leave comments or edit the text. As a Viewer, you do not have access to the other proposals, unless you receive an invite.

Professional revisions

Does the service include VAT?

If you are purchasing the service as a VAT registered payer from any European country or the USA, VAT won’t be applied to your bill, due to the Community VAT exemption in Canary Islands. (Article 6 of VAT Directive).
If you are not a registered VAT payer or a VAT payer registered in Canary Islands, then a 7% rate local consumer tax known as the IGIC (Impuesto General Indirecto de Canarias – Canaries General Indirect Tax) will be applied.

How is the data I share with the reviewer kept confidential?

The expert grant writer is bound to confidentiality obligations during and following the performance of the service. The confidentiality obligations don’t allow the expert grant writer to re-use or share data relevant to the project proposal.

Can I make changes to the proposal while it is under revision?

No, you cannot make changes to the proposal while it is under revision.

Can I combine an offline revision with a consultancy?

Yes. You can book a consultancy to discuss the comments with the expert grant writer. The expert will review your proposal offline and then follow-up with you, answering any possible doubt. The combination of offline review and face-to-face consultation services can actually be very useful to better understand the expert’s comments and effectively improve your proposal.

Can I request a consultation to review my proposal, instead of the offline revision process?

Yes. If you feel more comfortable speaking directly to the expert grant writer rather than receiving her/ his comments, you can purchase a consultancy and go over the proposal review directly with the expert grant writer.

How many revisions can I purchase?

You can purchase as many revisions as needed. In our experience, a proposal might require a 3-cycle revision to be bulletproof.

How are professional revisions performed?

Revisions are performed offline by an expert grant writer. Once you complete a proposal on Typewiser, you can purchase professional revision cycles through the Plans & Features tab. The expert grant writer will receive a notification and read-only access to the proposal. S/He reviews the proposal by providing comments. The comments will point out areas where the proposal can be adjusted and tweaked. Once finished, you receive by email the notification that the review is completed.


What is the difference between standard and premium pricing?

Typewiser is offering you the choice to make your proposal stand out of the crowd even further. By purchasing standard consulting hours, you will gain the help and guidance of a Junior Consultant to take your proposal to the next level. By purchasing premium consulting hours, you instead will gain the expertise of a Senior Consultant, whose extensive proposal writing and consulting experience will help strengthen your proposal.

What kind of tasks the expert grant writer can perform for me?

Any task related to the proposal preparation and management. It can be writing sections, writing an entire proposal, reviewing the proposal, providing general online consultation, uploading on the participant portal the project documentation, performing market researches and patent searches, reviewing the project’s deliverables and periodic reports, and other tasks related to the continuous project management.

How the time spent by the professional writer on offline activities is calculated?

The time spent by the professional writer on the Typewiser platform for reading and writing tasks is automatically calculated by the Typewiser logging system. A detailed report is sent to you at the end of the session. The time spent is deducted from the cumulative set of hours purchased. The time spent by the professional grant writer outside the Typewiser platform, for example, to read a technical document related to the assigned task, is calculated using a reading-time algorithm. Indicatively, a standard page contains 500 words. If it is technical or scientific material, an expert will need around 3,5 minutes to read and comprehend it.

How do you measure the time spent on the consultation?

The expert measures and records the time spent on online consultations and related offline activities. A detailed report is sent to you after every online call and following the completion of the offline tasks assigned to the expert grant writer.

EIC Questions

How does Typewiser help me with EIC?

Typewiser is designed for the people who want to apply for the EIC accelerator (SME Instrument) programme. Typewiser has inbuilt templates to write a proposal that can be submitted to EIC. These templates follow strict guidelines given by EIC. Typewiser templates, suggestions and examples reduce save you time and help you deliver a stronger proposal.

What is the difference between the Typewiser and the official EIC Accelerator (SME Instrument) template?

The Typewiser template is based on the official EIC Accelerator (SME Instrument) template. The Typewiser templates present also Instruction, Tips and Examples that will help you deliver a sharper proposal.

SBIR Questions

How does Typewiser help me with an SBIR Application?

Typewiser is designed for the people who want to apply for the NSF or NIH SBIR program. Typewiser has inbuilt templates to write a full application that follow guidelines given by Federal Agencies. Typewiser provides templates, suggestions and examples to save you time and help you deliver a stronger proposal.

May a small business submit multiple Phase I proposals during the same submission window?

  • Not in NSF. A given small business may only submit ONE SBIR proposal to a given submission window of NSF. This requirement allows a proposer to focus on submitting one strong proposal that best aligns with the commercial goals of his/her business and the NSF SBIR review criteria.
  • Yes in NIH. A given small business may submit multiple SBIR proposals to a given submission window of NIH, as long as you are not submitting identical or overlapping proposals.

Both NSF and NIH fund biomedical/health projects through the SBIR program. How are the programs different? Can a small business apply to both programs?

Generally, NSF SBIR funding is not aimed at supporting clinical trials, the clinical validation of information technologies or medical devices, or studies performed primarily for regulatory purposes. Limited studies with human subjects may be acceptable to the extent that they are performed in support of feasibility, proof-of-concept studies of early-stage technologies.

A way to explore typical awards under NIH and/or NSF is via the Award Search at SBIR.gov, which houses data on all SBIR awards regardless of the funding agency.

Finally, the submission of an identical or overlapping proposal to both NSF and NIH SBIR may be possible, but NSF will not make awards that duplicate research funded by, or anticipated to be funded by, other agencies.

Submission of a Project Pitch or direct communication with an NSF SBIR Program Director are the best ways to get specific feedback on this issue as it relates to your proposed project.

Does Typewiser also support SBIR grant winners?

Yes via our partners at Alien Technology Transfer we offer Project Management services that include:

  • Review of project timeline and preparation of periodic and final reports
  • Support on all relationship management with federal agencies / program managers
  • Review of current accounting system, policies and procedures to ensure compliance within the SBIR program
  • Set-up of Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) compliant timekeeping services and accounting standards
  • Collecting financial information
  • Categorization of costs per activity with indirect cost allocations
  • Preparation of amendments

Additional Services include:

  • Transactional accounting / bookkeeping services
  • Full service payroll features
  • Full service invoicing and bill pay
  • Monthly bank and credit card reconciliations
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